Dear Stoner: Can You Smoke Melted Pot Edibles?

Dear Stoner: My brother has cancer, and I think medical marijuana would be better for his pain than Oxycontin, which can be addictive. If you were looking for advice on what strains to use, where would you go?

Dear Marge:
Opiate painkillers work for many people, but I’ve also seen the addictive effects firsthand: Several kids I went to high school with are now doing heroin because of their opiate addictions.
For cancer patients suffering extreme pain and nausea from their conditions and/or chemotherapy, potent and heavy strains are the way to go. Heavy indicas like Afghani, Alien Rock Candy, Bubba Kush or Grape Ape are all great candidates for insomnia and pain relief. Most strains with the word “Purple” in their names and any indica-leaning kush are also usually a safe bet. Sativa strains like Jack Herer, Tangerine Kush and anything Hawaiian are good for stimulating appetites, but they affect everyone differently.

Before your brother tries either, I think he should check out CBD strains. Harlequin, Pennywise and Spectrum 12 all have a heavy CBD ratio, which is very good for pain relief and inducing sleep. Although not as psychoactive, THC is still present in the strains, and it should be, as it also possesses medical benefits that can help with the pain of cancer treatment.

Dear Stoner: Is it possible to melt an edible candy and infuse that syrup/sugar with tobacco in order to smoke it? We only have access to edibles, and some members of our group would rather smoke than ingest THC.

Dear Levita: Did you eat a lot of paint chips growing up? What sort of weird place do you live in that you can get edibles easier than basic flower? I think I have more questions for you than answers, but I’ll try to do my best here.

Smoking melted candy products isn’t safe for your lungs. The dyes, sugars and other products that go into lollipops, chocolate and other candies aren’t made to be smoked; they’re made to be ingested, obviously. An hour of research on the Internet didn’t net a single study on the effects of smoking melted candy — probably because no one has been stupid enough to waste time and resources on the subject. Smoking any foreign substance is bad for you, but lacing tobacco with melted sugar can’t be good for your respiratory system or lungs. Could it get you high? That’s another question. The THC in the edibles is already activated, so in theory, inhaling smoke from it would get you high. Still, DON’T DO IT.

Send questions to [email protected] or call the potline at 303­-293­-2222.
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