Laura Boggs, "rogue" Jeffco school board member, mum amid teachers-union complaints: "Boggs Watch" newsletter to continue

The tales of Jefferson County School Board Member Laura Boggs' "disruptive behavior" around town, including an instance where she reportedly called school "stupid," rallied a good crowd for Thursday night's school board meeting.

There, the teachers-union group that publishes "Boggs Watch," an e-mail newsletter chronicling the official's alleged shenanigans, received a standing ovation from attendees for their prodding of the district board.

As Kerrie Dallman, president of the Jefferson County Education Association, puts it: "Oh, it was great."

She adds, "There was a good turnout of community members and teachers and students. And the board, I think, embraced their leadership role."

Citing protocol that defers public comment to the board president, Boggs didn't say much last night, Dallman says, and she hasn't yet returned phone calls from Westword. We'll update this blog if and when she provides comment. Dave Thomas, president of the Jeffco Board of Education, has also not returned calls left at his office.

The most recent issue of "Boggs Watch" details several incidents of alleged impropriety. Most prominent was a teacher's complaint that, on March 4, Boggs took over his classroom during a lesson on acronyms to write vertically on the board an acronym of her own: S-C-H-O-O-L. Witnesses says she declared that "S" is for "stupid."

Earlier this week, Boggs denied doing anything wrong, saying that she didn't call school stupid. She also stressed that she didn't crash a private teacher's union bargaining meeting in February, as "Boggs Watch" had said. According to Boggs, she accidentally stumbled upon the meeting at Wheat Ridge High School as she was dropping off enrollment paperwork for her son.

But Dallman says that isn't the case. "That's so bizarre because, you know, the library is so far and beyond the office where one would drop off papers," Dallman maintains. "The fact that she told you that she was just there to drop off papers, or that God must have written stupid on the board -- it really leads me to question her integrity and her ability to lead this district."

Dallman formally addressed the board Thursday on behalf of the teacher's union, urging that the board revisit its norms for board-member behavior and address the incidents involving Boggs.

"It's my expectation that they (the board) establish our call for board norms for board members interacting with schools and students," she says. "We addressed our concerns professionally, and it is our expectation that the board will address those concerns."

But what of the entertaining hit "Boggs Watch?" There's no issue next week because schools will be out for spring break. But Dallman admits, "We'll probably have some more issues."

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