Ten More Sports for Tim Tebow to Try If He Fails at Pro Baseball, Too

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Track and field

Anyone watching the ongoing Rio Olympics can easily picture Tebow excelling at a slew of different track-and-field events. But we think the javelin is the way to go, since his long, slow throwing motion, which was criticized so frequently during his NFL days, would be perfect for heaving a pointed stick.


The ball used in rugby is so similar to the type Tebow grew up lugging and hurling that he'd feel comfortable instantly. And since players in the sport typically have the option of whether or not to wear helmets, there's a good chance that everyone watching could get an unobstructed view of his gorgeous features. Whether his visage would stay gorgeous after a few dozen scrums is another question — which is why we think immediate suspension for anyone who bashes him in the face is the way to go.


Another easy transition. If Tebow was good at football, imagine how terrific he'd be at futbol.


Opportunity number three for a Colorado homecoming! Nuggets or Colorado Rockies uniforms would look great on him — but can't you just picture him in an Avalanche sweater? All he'd need to do is learn how to stand on ice skates without falling down.

Ultimate (the sport formerly known as Ultimate Frisbee)

Plenty about this sport would be familiar for Tebow. Points are scored by passing a flying disc to a teammate in an end zone, and there are also interceptions, incomplete passes and passes out of bounds. Not that Timmy would do any of those last three things....


The Lumberjack World Championship, held every year in Hayward, Wisconsin, features events such as the underhand block chop, single buck and hot saw, which sound sorta dirty but are actually wholesome outdoor entertainments suitable for the whole family. For Tebow, this sport would be as easy as falling off a log.

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