Today's featured event: It's Fashion Week at Buntport Theater!

Buntport Versus, the younger cousin of the alternating-third-Tuesday Buntport Theater pastimes Pecha Kucha Night and Teacher's Pet, might just be the most compelling offering in the series. First of all, it shows off the old Buntport improvisational versatility to perfection. And secondly, it introduces audiences to Denver's underground cool factor, by showcasing a different creative opponent every three months.

The set-up? The Buntport troupe goes mano a mano against a talented someone, competing in a field other than theater, and the audience votes for a winner. Tonight, said company will meet Tran Wills of the Fabric Lab, with her crack team of local fashionistas, including Incroyables by Melissa May, Baily Rose and Studio Yoshida, to see who can strut the runway most smartly in a variety of, well, hilarious contests. Help determine who cuts the cloth: The local Style Wars battle commences at 8 p.m. at Buntport Theater, 717 Lipan Street; admission is $10. Get details at Buntport's website or 720-946-1388.

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