A chicken-fried burrito at Elway's? Be still, my arteries

When Elway's opened in Cherry Creek, it immediately set itself apart from other steakhouses by adding an unusual element: fun. Not cut-your-tie off steakhouse fun, but fun in the way food was presented, putting Elway's a cut above the other upscale meat-and-potatoes joints around town. (New sibling Elway's Downtown is sadly lacking in the fun factor, Jason Sheehan determined in his recent review.)

And with chef Tyler Wiard in command of the kitchen at the original Elway's. the fun just keeps coming. Consider a new item on the Saturday-Sunday brunch menu: the Chicken-Fried Steak Burrito.

Here's the delicious description: "Prime tenderloin, breaded and fried crisp, two eggs cooked any style, hash browns, cheddar cheese, green chile; wrapped in a tortilla and smothered in a pork sausage gravy." Be still my arteries!

The tenderloin is cut in chunks, then fried -- which makes it a lot easier to roll that tortilla. And while the price is a hefty $16.50, this is one hefty burrito, good not just for brunch, but for lunch at home the next day. And you'll want to save some room for a side of Wiard's green chile, another unexpected, porkorific find at a steakhouse.

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