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Denver Botanic Gardens Has a Growing Roster of Classes, Including Chef's Pantry Tonight

The Denver Botanic Gardens features much more than flowers. It also hosts classes that teach you what to do with what you grow, including tonight's Chef's Pantry cooking class, where students can learn to use herbs for healthy and delicious cooking.

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At Chef's Pantry, Susan Evans will teach you how make herb vinegars and vinaigrettes, concentrated drink syrups, savory fruit chutney, marinated cheeses and olives, spicy salsa, herb butters, classic pesto and more. Recipes and a full meal are included; instruction runs from 6 to 8 p.m. Tickets are $45, $42 for DBG members; reserve a spot here.

And next week, the DBG will start a special four-class series, Eating From the Garden, which challenges participants to use their own gardens for a month. Inspired by Gardens instructor Jennifer Verprausskas and two colleagues' attempt to live off of their personal urban organic gardens for thirty days, the program will include garden mapping, harvesting techniques, meal planning (with a potluck), and more. The first class is August 26 at 6 p.m.; they'll continue into September. Find more information here.

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Ben Landreth