Little India chain getting bigger

The 4,547 square foot space in Belmar vacated by the doomed Mark & Isabella and, before that, Chama, has been snapped up -- by the fourth location of Little India, which should open this spring.

"Belmar is very excited about this new addition," spokeswoman Lisa Wieting says of the new entry into a restaurant space that would seem somewhat doomed, given the fate of the previous tenants. "The restaurant has a strong following in Denver and it will add to the diverse culinary mix at the center."

It should certainly add some spice, since Belmar's other restaurant occupants include Wasabi Sushi Bar, P.F. Chang's, The Oven, Las Margaritas and Ted's Montana Grill.

"The cuisine at Little India is sure to serve up delectable dishes that are inspired by our traditional fine Indian dishes with exquisite curries and mixed spices," says Vinny Malhotra of Little India.

The Baidwan and Malhotra families have been in Colorado for more than twenty years, and in 1998 they joined together to open the first Little India at 330 East Sixth Avenue. Since then, they've expanded downtown (1533 Champa Street), south (2390 South Downing Street) and now west.

"We expect our new Belmar location to be not only stylish but filled with wonderful flavors, colors and exotic delicacies," Vinny Malhotra adds. "We also like how Belmar is developing and how hard the City of Lakewood is working to promote this area."

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