Masterpiece Deli Team to Bring Masterpiece Kitchen to Lowry This Winter

After North County and Bubu opened in the Hangar 2 development in Lowry this past winter (the former in December and the latter in February), there was still one retail space left vacant. A notice recently went up on the door of the address between the two — 84 Rampart Road — with the name Masterpiece Kitchen listed as the tenant. While the possibility existed that it would become nothing more than a kitchen appliance showroom, the more exiting prospect was that the masterpiece in the name was the same as that of chef-restaurateur Justin Brunson's two Masterpiece Delicatessens.

Larimer Associates, the development company responsible for Hangar 2, confirmed that Masterpiece Kitchen is in fact the next project from the Masterpiece Deli team. A spokesperson for the company adds that Brunson is busy opening Honor Society Handcrafted Eatery (slated for mid-August) and will not be able to turn his attention to this project for the next couple of months, but expects to open the Lowry restaurant, which will have a different theme than Masterpiece Deli, in late 2015 or early 2016.

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