Fois gras at Old Major.
Fois gras at Old Major.
Mark Antonation

Reader: These Meat Hipster Establishments Won't Have My Business

Mark Antonation recently took an unplanned tour of LoHi, on a search for fois gras. He found it at Old Major, Z Cuisine and Williams & Graham -- but some readers don't think it has a place on any menu.

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Says Mischa:

Disgusting...nice article that just sings the praises of torture. Those meat hipster bullshit establishments won't have my business. Go vegan.

Says David:

What difference is there between raising animals for foie gras and cows for our beef? The cows are force fed awful grains. So are pigs. Get off your high horse and let people eat Foie Gras in peace. It's delicious, it's a delicacy, and as far as I am concerned, should remain legal. It's a damn duck. Who cares?

Do you care about ducks? About how the animals you eat are raised? Or do you avoid eating animals entirely?


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