Bruxie has turned off the waffle iron in Colorado.
Bruxie has turned off the waffle iron in Colorado.

Reader: We Can Have Legal Cannabis But Can't Keep a Waffle Shop in Business?

The sign outside Bruxie promised "Sweet Treats," but the waffle sandwich shop, one of our ten best new fast-casual restaurants in 2014, just met a sour end. Bruxie has closed up shop on Colorado Boulevard "due to unforeseen circumstances," according to a message you reach when you dial the place. While the chain is still in business in California, it's out of Colorado. See also: Bruxie Will Waffle No More in Glendale

Says Shawn:

Bull excrement! We have legal cannabis but can't keep a waffle sandwich shop in business, does not compute! Bad form Denver, bad form.

Did you ever go to Bruxie? What do you think of the other waffle spots in town?

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