The List: Six great spots along Sixth Avenue

Last week, Jason Sheehan returned to Table 6 -- a restaurant that he found even closer to perfect than the last time he reviewed it, back in November 2004, when Esquire's Jay Mariani had just named it one of the 21 best new restaurants in the country. The ownership has changed since then, but Table 6's commitment to excellence has not. But another thing has changed: Even though Mel's Bistro finally closed its doors (Mojitos now occupies that spot), Sixth Avenue is one of the hottest restaurant neighborhoods in town.

Sheehan's six favorite spots on Sixth Avenue follow.

1. Table 6, 609 Corona Street., 303-831-8800. One of the best, most comforting restaurants in the city.

2. Little India, 330 East Sixth, 303-871-9777. Good Indian food and a lunch buffet that won't have you on the toilet all night.

3. Uoki, 701 East Sixth, 303-837-4380. Great green curry soup on a cool, Korean/Japanese menu.

4. Barolo Grill, 3030 East Sixth, 303-393-1040. History on a plate, and the steady anchor of an ever-changing neighborhood.

5. Fruition, 1313 East Sixth, 303-831-1962. Chef Alex Seidel (pictured above) helped make Fruition the Best New Restaurant in the Best of Denver 2007 -- and it's still one of the city's finest.

6. Don's Mixed Drinks, 723 East Sixth. A classic Denver dive stubbornly resisting gentrification by remaining creepy on the outside and scaring off all the yuppies -- even though it's now owned by same. 


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