When cold and flu season hit, reach for chicken soup

Cold and flu season has arrived, and while there are vaccines and a multitude of drugs out there that will be used to combat these illnesses, doctors remain constant on one remedy: chicken soup.

According to WebMD, doctors prefer milder, natural alternatives to treat colds and flu, with the exception of more severe cases when decongestants and antihistamines are necessary. Even in lower-risk swine flu cases, the Centers for Disease Control is urging patients to steer clear of Tamiflu or Relenza, as the antiviral medications may make it worse. So instead, it's plenty of rest, fluids and chicken soup.

Not only is the hot soup full of veggies and protein, its steam is enough to clear a person's nasal passages and relieve swelling in the sinuses.

The best part: no side effects.

If you're suffering from the wrath of cold or flu and need soup, pronto, there are several Denver restaurants that you can turn to for healing, including Taki's, 341 East Colfax Avenue; Wild Ginger, 399 West Littleton Boulevard in Littleton; Taste of Thailand, the restaurant at 504 East Hampden Avenue that Jason Sheehan recently singled out for its cure-all chicken soup; and Deli Tech, 8101 East Belleview Avenue.

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