Ask a Stoner: Which Saves More Weed — A Vaporizer or a One-Hitter?

Dear Stoner: Some people say vaporizers will make your weed last longer, but others swear that the old “one-hitter” or “dugout” is the best way to stretch your stash. What are your thoughts on this?

Dear Eric: Size, quality and temperature are the most important variables for vaporizers. I assume you’re talking about a handheld vaporizer if you’re comparing it with a one-hitter, so we’ll leave the size part out of this equation. You can find most handheld flower vapes for anywhere between $100 and $400; the more expensive usually have a better heating application and more temp settings. The lower the temperature, the less powerful the hit — but that will also conserve your flower longer. Having a vape with both high and low temps is the best route, in my opinion: That way you can take big, cloudy rips when you’re flush with green and tiny ghost tokes when you’re not.

Technically, one-hitters don’t conserve flower/THC more than a vaporizer when it comes to combustion, but the small amount of buds they require and their cheap price (you can get a wooden dugout for $10 to $15) could make them a better option. Sticking to the one-hit rule can stretch out an eighth more than a week, and those hits still take me to space no matter my tolerance. Still, a one-hitter is harder to clean than a vaporizer, and it’s much less discreet in the smell department.
Dear Stoner: A friend is coming to visit Colorado for the first time since legalization. We’re both quite familiar with smoking weed, but with all these new products out, is there anything cool or out-of-this-world I should make her try?

Dear Biz: There are some fun, interesting concentrate and topical options in Colorado — depending on how weird she wants to get during her visit. Tasty, potent concentrates like ice wax and live resin can be a tad expensive, but their intense terpene flavors and lofty THC levels can make you feel like a first-timer again. You’ll be surprised that a sticky blob can taste so good.

If your friend is more than a friend or a Tinder warrior, look into Foria, an infused-product maker that sells a “pleasure spray” for women. Infused with THC, the spray can be used for lubrication or it can simply be applied before sex. Not enough to satisfy her inner freak? Foria also makes THC- and CBD-infused suppositories for...well, you know.

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