The Most Popular Terms, Strains and Emojis on 4/20

Made in the shade at Civic Center Park on 4/20.
Made in the shade at Civic Center Park on 4/20. Brandon Marshall

, a group messaging app, reviewed the group chats of more than 300,000 millennial users on 4/20 to see what terms, emojis and strains were most popular on the holiday.

"Let's smoke" was twice as popular as any other term, and Blue Dream had almost double the mentions of any other strain. Here's the breakdown:

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Top Terms for "Smoking Weed"
"Let's smoke" — 44 percent
"Get lit" — 17 percent
"Blaze" — 14 percent
"Let's burn" — 10 percent
"Match" — 7 percent
"Blow tree" — 3 percent
"Burn tree" — 2 percent
"Trying to chief" — 2 percent
"Put one in the air" — 1 percent

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Most Used Emojis for the Munchies
Eggs — 27 percent
Pizza — 17 percent
Avocado — 16 percent
Popcorn — 12 percent
Fries — 9 percent
Burger — 8 percent
Ice cream — 5 percent
Chocolate — 4 percent
Lollypop — 2 percent

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Most Mentioned Strains
Blue Dream — 38 percent
GDP — 18 percent
Sour Diesel — 16 percent
Cookies — 11 percent
OG — 8 percent
Cheese — 4 percent
Blueberry — 3 percent
White Widow —1  percent
Green Crack — 1 percent
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