Ten rappers who should just retire already

Ten rappers who should just retire already

The following rappers have all been, at one point, among the best in the game. They were each considered to be the cream of the crop, but even the finest cream goes bad eventually. Sadly, these MCs are all arguably well past their prime, and although we love them and it pains us to say it, they need to hang it up. Continue on to see which rappers we think need to put the mic down.

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10. Kool Keith If you're not surprised that Kool Keith is still around and making music, you probably have no idea who he is. Well, at one point, he was one of the most influential and forward thinking MCs around, but while others have carried his torch into the new century, he seems contented dicking around as if he was still in the '90s. Yes, he remains weird and unconventional, but the boundaries of rap have expanded well beyond where he's operating, and if he's not pushing boundaries, then he's not doing what he does best.

9. Ice Cube Ice Cube is talented enough to have been hugely successful in both the arenas of music and film, and he has been stubborn enough to more than wear out his welcome in both fields. To be fair, he's actually made some pretty good music into the 21st Century, but 2010's I Am the West wasn't very good at all. And we could forgive the bad music if he showed some god damned acting range. Seriously, Ice Cube, how many Fridays must there be?!

8. Dr. Dre You're probably saying, "What? Dr. Dre hasn't put out an album since 1999. He's long past retired." No! Until Dre releases a P.S.A. declaring that Detox is never coming out, he owes us that goddamned album. It's like the infinite jest for Christ's sake. Just admit that the project is dead so that we can all move on with our lives! And Schoolboy Q? You're not helping. "Detox is like a mix away," my ass.

7. Eminem Sure, he's still insanely popular, and he can definitely still rhyme, but his album game is waaay off. If you think the pulled punchlines of Recovery were a crowning anything, then you don't remember The Eminem Show well enough. If the frustratingly overwrought Relapse was your shit, you're probably just pining for the long lost days of the Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers LPs. It's barely even worth mentioning the forgettable Bad Meets Evil project. Even Encore puts these new entries to shame.

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