The ten best Swedish metal bands

The ten best Swedish metal bands
Brandon Marshall

Metal can't get any more cold blooded than in Sweden, where you'll find brain-freezing, below zero temperatures and snow drifts taller than concert halls. Despite having the most frostbitten, blackened and disfigured hands in the metal world, the Swedes rip apart metal like nobody else. As brutal as a ceaseless blizzard and with growls more bone-chilling than falling below ice, Swedish death metal will always breathe fire into the hearts of metal fans worldwide. Keep reading for the ten best Swedish metal bands.

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10. Arch Enemy With vocal chords boiled in a cauldron, Angela Gossow is one of the few females in metal that puts growling vocals at the front of her arsenal. Walled along with the Amott brothers, a tight-knit duo shredding their own private language of leads, solos and melodies, Arch Enemy could knock the head off of any headbanger all the way from the swells of Sweden.

9. Entombed Not only did Entombed crawl out and lead the way for Scandinavian death metal in the late '80s, the act's sound also evolved, adding body parts of garage rock and hardcore punk, which eventually Frankensteined into something called Death 'n' Roll. The band's first two albums Left Hand Path and Clandestine features a unique sound similar to cutting up bodies with a chainsaw, but without snagging on bones -- BrrrBBRRrrrbbZzzdrrdZzzbrddZZdrrbZzzz.

8. Amon Amarth Longtime conquerors of metal music, sailing the ocean blue with lyrics that are armor thick with Norse mythology, old worlds, Vikings, bloody battles and epic journeys, Amon Amarth can still knock out its enemies with double bladed battle axes of exploratory fingering and alcohol corroded vocals fit for a king. If old world warriors had MP3 players and ear buds, they would have easily been pumped up charging into battle with the massive hull that is Amon Amarth crashing in their ears.

7. Dark Tranquility Dark Tranquility is one of the many quality melodic death metal bands birthed from the Gothenburg metal scene. Unlike many bands in this genre, this is one of the few bands that can boast a mostly stable line up, and rather than melting into the past, Dark Tranquility has forged ahead fearlessly with sound that continues to progress.

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