New Marijuana Map Tells How Much the State You're in Loves or Hates Pot

Marijuana laws in America vary widely from state to state — and they shift so frequently that keeping up can be a challenge.

That's why a new marijuana policies map is so helpful.

Developed by Frontier Financials and under the auspices of the National Cannabis Industry Association, the interactive online map provides updated basics about marijuana rules in all fifty states with just a click — and also offers some intriguing projections.

As you can see by this screen capture....

...the map is color coded, with hues differentiating states that allow at least some marijuana sales under the umbrella terms "multi-use," "medical" and "limited."

But there are substantial differences even between those in the same category.

Take Colorado and Washington, both of which allow recreational and medical use of cannabis. Medical marijuana sales figures in Colorado during 2015 are higher than those in Washington, and they're projected to stay that way through 2020. However, Washington's "adult-use sales" were above those in Colorado last year, and the gap is expected to widen to more than $500 million in five years. 

Here's the information available on Colorado....

Medical: Yes

Adult Use: Yes

Noteworthy Information: Colorado has some of the most extensive experience in terms of administering a robust state recreational regulatory structure. Despite this (and perhaps a bellwether for other recreational states), laws continue to constantly change. The same could be said of the medical program.

Regulated: Yes (Colorado Department of Revenue, Marijuana Enforcement Division)

2015 Medical Sales: $418,600,000

2020 Projected Medical Sales: $1,532,700,000

2015 Adult Use Sales: $587,000,000

2020 Projected Adult Use Sales: $2,019,800,000
..and the Washington data.

Medical: Yes

Adult Use: Yes

Noteworthy Information: The Washington Medical Program is being subsumed into the recreational program. Recreational stores are open.

Regulated: Medical — Yes (Washington State Department of Health) Recreational — Yes (Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. Note: Applications are now processed through the Department of Revenue’s Business Licensing Service)

2015 Medical Sales: $93,400,000

2020 Projected Medical Sales: $38,700,000

2015 Adult Use Sales: $615,600,000

2020 Projected Adult Use Sales: $2,621,300,000
Contrast these items with the info for Indiana, one of the states colored black in the map above. The listing makes it clear that legalization there is ultra-unlikely, at least in the near-future.

Medical : No

Adult Use: No

Noteworthy Information:
Indiana conservatives have been passionately opposed to cannabis. Despite years of attempts, every bill has been killed before getting even a hearing, including CBD-only bills. Indiana governor Mike Pence is nationally known for opposition to legalization and decriminalization.

2015 Medical Sales: N/A

2020 Projected Medical Sales: N/A

2015 Adult Use Sales: N/A

2020 Projected Adult Use Sales: N/A
Check out the map, and information for the 47 other states, by clicking here.

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