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Everyone's Favorite Walk-Up Chicken Joint Is On the Move on Colfax

Why is nobody waiting for chicken outside the Bourbon Grill?
Why is nobody waiting for chicken outside the Bourbon Grill? Mark Antonation
Something's wrong with this picture of the Bourbon Grill, one of Denver's most recognizable walk-up joints. There's no line at the window, where typically all manner of char-grilled chicken platters and sandwiches sided with white rice, fries and egg rolls are served day and night to a steady stream of customers. The lights are out and the doors are locked at the height of the dinner hour.

But a closer look reveals the closing isn't permanent; signs indicate that every Colfax denizen's favorite stop for a cheap meal is on the move, and will soon reopen at 571 East Colfax Avenue — the space that was home to Pizza Fusion from 2011 to 2015.

No doubt many will miss the old Bourbon Grill, which began slinging bird in 2002, and might be reluctant to actually enter a building to place an order. But the new spot will offer something the original never had: indoor seating.

The restaurant is expected to open in three weeks or so. Already, a big new Bourbon Grill sign has been mounted above the corner at Colfax and Pearl Street, a sign that, given time, will become as iconic as the red awning ten blocks east. Progress on the move can be followed on the Grill's Instagram page.

Will the move affect the flavor of the chicken, or will the new Capitol Hill setting gain its own following and fame? We'll know in about three weeks.

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Signs in the window give the new address.
Mark Antonation

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Bourbon Grill's fancy new digs.
Mark Antonation

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Mark Antonation is the former Westword Food & Drink Editor. In 2018, he was named Outstanding Media Professional by the Colorado Restaurant Association; he's now with the Colorado Restaurant Foundation.
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