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3 things to do for free in Denver this week, January 20-23

Cyndi Lauper was totally right: Money does change everything. But it wouldn't change how much fun you can have in Denver this week, because there are several worthy events that are absolutely free. You can play bingo, watch Big Trouble in Little China, or attend a panel discussion on women in justice without having to open your wallet. Share information on other bargains in the comments section below and, as always, check out the Westword calendar for a full listing of events.

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Monthly '80s Movie Night/Chinese New Year Party at Crash 45 (Tuesday) Crash 45 will celebrate the Chinese New Year tonight with Kurt Russell's bizarre '80s sci-fi flick, Big Trouble in Little China. Watch the film, have a drink in honor of the year of the horse, and definitely consider purchasing one of Crash 45's awesome burgers. (You'll have to open your wallet for that.)

The Reconstructionists: Celebrating Fierce Women and Community at the McNichols Building (Wednesday) Warm Cookies of the Revolution will pay tribute to strong women fighting for justice tonight with an empowering panel discussion. Sharletta Evans, statewide victim outreach coordinator for the Victim and Offender Mitigation Initiative; Kelly Dougherty, co-founder of Iraq Veterans Against the War; and Lisa Duran, executive director of Rights For All People, will speak while the group makes a scrapbook about heroines in the community.

Happy Hour Bingo at the Larimer Lounge (Thursday) Try your luck tonight at Cory's Happy Hour Bingo, the free weekly game that gives away prizes of concert tickets as well as Deep Eddy Vodka drinks. There will also be cheap happy hour drinks available. Bingo!

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