Adironnda, a Spokesbeing from the 17th Dimension, Will Be at Isis Tomorrow

Isis Bookstore will host a spokesbeing from the 17th dimension, Adironnda, at the store tomorrow. In advance of her appearance, we spoke with Marilyn Harper, who is the human channel for Adironnda. "The mode of the wake-up call is question and answer," she says. "If something is blocking you, we can start to remove it. We can activate a project or provide some new insight on a quest. The event is completely interactive. We sit and we talk. It is based on the audience's needs and orders and we gather over divine order."

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Harper is a trance channeler, and she sets her conscious aside as she asks Adironnda to speak to the highest good of the audience. Adironnda is a spirit that allows people to find the truth of the their destiny, she says.

Adironnda first came to Harper in 1999, after she'd left Kansas, where she grew up, and moved to Springfield, Missouri. "I experienced a soul exchange in the 1990s and am now traveling the world. Adironnda is quite a powerful energy," Harper explains. "Adirondda was mist in original form and came to earth to help people shift, as this world is shifting. There are twelve members on the divine council and Adironnda is the spokesbeing for the council."

And she speaks through Harper. "Seeing and experiencing the transformation in others is the most rewarding part of this experience," Harper says. "The people learn that their essence is their power place. Everybody has a past and a purpose and a mission. It is so beautiful to see that light bulb go off in somebody's mind. We do spiritual retreats. It's all about connecting in such a way that the sources are at work."

Harper and Adironnda plan to return to Isis in the upcoming years. "I was drawn to the bookstore and the energy there," Harper says. "The wake=up call is about awakening and activating individuals to their past, their purpose and where they are headed. People ask personal questions and get universal answers. I use the sword of life to help with removal patterns or to integrate new patterns."

The show is enlightening as well as thrilling, she promises: "Adironnda is entertaining. There are moments of anger, crying and laughter in the show. The root of the shift is with laughter."

The event lasts two hours, from 1 to 3 p.m.; register in advance for $33 here, or pay $44 at the door. You can contact Marilyn Harper and Adironnda for a private event here and learn more about Stepping Off the Edge, Harper's new book, is due out this fall.

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