After a run in NYC, Tomas Saraceno's "Cloud City" comes to the Green Box Arts Festival

Art collector and Green Box Arts Festival founder Christian Keesee was so intrigued when he first saw the work of Tomás Saraceno at the Venice Biennale that he later purchased the artist's giant installation "Cloud City." He has since loaned that piece to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (for a very successful stint on its rooftop) and is now bringing it to Green Mountain Falls for the Green Box Arts Festival, which opens on Sunday in the town of Green Mountain Falls, northwest of Colorado Springs.

"It is interlocking modules that are made out of aluminum, plexiglass, and mirrors, and when you walk into the inside, it's almost like going to the funhouse except the plexiglass you can see through and the mirrors all give you a view that you wouldn't expect," says Keesee. "You'll have a view of the mountains and the sky and the clouds rolling by."

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Cloud City is one of the main attractions of this year's fest, which Keesee describes as "something that's very small, very special, and very charming." Visitors can wander through the interactive Saraceno sculpture, attend dance performances from Kegwin + Company, and watch the Manitou Springs-based band the Haunted Wind Chimes, among tons of other performances and workshops.

Keesee founded the festival in 2009 to create an artistic destination that celebrates all kinds of creative endeavors, from cooking classes to theater and photography. "It's a perfect place for a summer arts getaway," says Keesee. "Green Box is about trying to find the highest level of contemporary art for the enjoyment of the community."

The Green Box Arts Festival runs from Sunday, June 23, through Wednesday, July 3. For a full calendar of events, visit the Green Box website.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.