FLO 107.1 Wants Denver's Worst Tattoo for "Nix It or Fix It"

Calling all of you who drunkenly agreed to getting inked right before closing time at a tattoo parlor, adorned your chest with the name of someone who did not turn out to be the love of your life, or trusted a new tattoo artist with the delicate task of replicating a photo of your newborn baby on your arm:  FLO 107.1 has been looking for you. The radio station teamed up with Fallen Owl Tattoo Studio and Tattoo Emergency 911 to host Nix It or Fix It, a contest that will award the person with the worst ink either a cover-up or tattoo removal.

Brian DeGrasse, brand manager and director of marketing and promotions for FLO 107.1 and Jammin’ 101.5, says the inspiration for the contest came when some of his DJs were making fun of each other for their own terrible tattoos. Realizing the station was home to at least two poorly drawn ankle tattoos (Minnie Mouse and a San Jose shark), the crew from FLO 107.1’s “The Playhouse” decided to find an even worse tattoo.

“We decided to look for Denver’s worst tattoo, and the idea has really caught on,” DeGrasse says. “So far more than fifty people have submitted photos of their bad tattoos to the Facebook event." For example, there's this from Kaytlyn:

I have been white girl drunk at concerts quite a few times in my past.... Leading me to get the names of a few "well known" but not necessarily classy gentlemen tattooed on my leg immediately following some of these shows.

Fortunately for me I have found a man perfect for me. smile emoticon Unfortunately for both of us, the fact that I have the names of three men tattooed on my leg is not something either of us are proud of.

I've had removal consultations and it is so expensive to even start the process from what I've seen. I would love to show my boyfriend that this part of my life is in my past and get rid of it. Please please pick me. My puppy would appreciate it as well. How can you say no to that face?

The contest, which began in early December, runs through January 29. To enter, you must post a photo of your tattoo on the Nix It or Fix It Facebook page and say whether you want it fixed or nixed. Submissions so far include ex-boyfriends’ names, tramp stamps and free bar tattoos, with some faded Playboy bunnies and prison tattoos also in the mix.

“There’s a lot of really bad tattoos out there, like one in the contest from a girl who has a huge piece on her chest,” DeGrasse says. “Another woman brought in a picture of her baby and it just really didn’t come out looking as cool or accurate as she thought it would.”

Judging from the entries so far, the winning (losing?) tattoo may well have to be partially removed before any fix can occur. In that case, he says, the station is prepared to offer $500 toward tattoo removal at Tattoo Emergency 911 and an additional $500 for a cover up with an artist at Fallen Owl Tattoo Studio.

The winner will be chosen next Friday, January 29, during “The Playhouse,” which runs from 3 to 7 p.m. For more information about Nix It or Fix It — or just for a good laugh at the current bad ink contenders — visit FLO 107.1's Facebook page.

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Lauren Archuletta is a contributor for Westword's arts section covering the Latinx community and reproductive health.

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