Gear you want but don't need: Top five at SIA edition

The Snow Show has traded the Colorado Convention Center for the slopes at Winter Park, and the demo orgy is now in full swing. On the convention floor, unnecessary but super-sweet gear was in bountiful supply, including the Zipfy sled profiled in this space a few weeks back. (I bought one at SIA and it generated quite a bit of excitement at the post-show parties for its, er, unusual design.)

But of all of the gear and gadgets on display, a few left an indelible impression on my overstimulated brain. After the fold are my top five.

5. Magic Potion Eco Friendly Wax: I also liked Zardoz NotWax, Teflon-based lube that's best on wet snow, but Magic Potion from France is not only free of fluoridated hydrocarbon and totally biodegradable, but it also taught me that ski wax is 'fart' in French. Look it up.

4. Ski Logik: Based in Breck, Ski Logik crafts premium skis with unique artistic wppd veneers, like "The Healer" (pictured above). A pair will set you back about $800.

3. Loki: Like my fellow blogger Candace, Loki also made my short list. I interviewed Seth Anderson a decade ago and it's great to see how far his innovative Grand Junction outerwear-maker has come, now making kick-ass headwear and kick-ass jackets with all sorts of shapeshifting features, like built-in mittens and facemasks and the ability to transform into a backpack.

2. Klymit: Currently out of stock but due back on the shelves by March, vests made by Klymit fill (and refill) with the noble gas agron, used as an insulant in scuba suits and double-paned windows. It's much warmer than the same volume of down -- but don't poke a hole in it.

1. Recon-Zeal 2010 Transcend Goggles: Due out in September from Recon Instruments, these are the world's first GPS-enabled goggles with a head mounted display featuring a speedometer, altimeter, thermometer, and much more, all visible on the inside of your goggles.

Note: I reserve the right to blog longer on these gadgets in the future installments of "Gear you want but don't need," in which case I'll cross-link with this post.

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