The Flying O.H.N.O. Twins can explain, and will tonight at BMoCA

The Flying O.H.N.O. Twins do a lot of things, but it's also kind of hard to explain exactly what they do. Since the end of September, Donald Fodness and Alvin Gregorio's (they're the twins, you know) installation Shut Your Face Off has been intriguing and mildly confusing people at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art with a combination of found objects, video projection, sculpture and two really large heads, one of which is also a meditation chamber.

It all has something to do with social media and the fragmentation of consciousness in a continually connected postmodern landscape -- as evidenced by Face Off: An Endurance Challenge, a performance-art tie-in to the installation back in November that had the twins facing off in a tofu dog-eating contest while communicating via Facebook, among other random events. Again, compelling, but kind of baffling. On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with absurdity for absurdity's sake.

All the same, there's a message lurking underneath all that randomness, and if your interest is sufficiently piqued to make the trek to Boulder, Fodness and Gregorio will be happy to shed a little light on the subject tonight at 7 p.m. at BMoCA's Artist Talk with the pair, where they'll chat about where they're coming from and what they do. It's free for members and just $5 for non-members.

You might learn something, if you can pay attention long enough with your fragmented consciousness and everything.

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