The Ten Best Beard Trims in Denver

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Life in Denver is getting hairier by the minute. There are beard-oil companies popping up left and right, and the I Heart Denver store even unveiled a Keep Denver Beard shirt just in time for Opening Day. But keeping those beards in order isn't easy, which is why shops that specialize in beard trims are a growing business in Denver. Here are our ten favorite places to get a beard trim in Denver, ending with our top choice in the Best of Denver 2016.

10. Piper’s Parlor
2638 West 32nd Avenue

Piper’s Parlour is one of Highland's hidden treasures. A small barbershop with just three chairs, it caters to both men and boys, offering “tried-and-true barbering ways in modern days.” Piper’s will hook you up with a beard trim for only $5.

9. GQ Barber Lounge
1605 17th Street
GQ Barber Lounge is a one-stop shop: A guy can book either a Traditional Shave or a Royal Shave (depending on how irritated his skin gets after shaving), continue the pampering session with a facial, get a hand treatment so that he'll always have a firm (while still soft), handshake, and then finish the day off with a massage. Hell, he can keep the beard long and wax everything else, because the GQ Barber Lounge does that, too;  check out the services at

8. Kurt’s Cuts
1459 Ogden Street

Kurt Luetjen has been providing old-fashioned barber services in Capitol Hill for more than twenty years. With only one barber chair in this Victorian-style building, he takes clients on a first-come, first-serve basis. Luetjen prides himself on offering high-quality services at affordable prices, and each service comes with a neck and shoulder massage. Text 720-989-1594 for availability; bookings are made within thirty minutes, on the hour and half hour.

7. Junior’s Old School Barbershop
8000 East Quincy Avenue, Suite 550

It can be hairy living in the Denver Tech Center — and Junior's is there to help, offering traditional barber services, including straight-razor shaves, hot towels and even shoeshines. The beard trim is $7 and a true, old-school tradition.
6. Al’s Barber Shop
1425 Larimer Street

Double date, anyone? Al’s Barber Shop shows the ladies love, too, offering women’s haircuts starting at just $45. But a man on the go can run in to Al’s and get a beard and mustache trim for $10; for an additional $5, he can get a neck cleanup, too. That should make any date go a lot more smoothly.

Keep reading for five more beard trims.

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