Top five retro ski videogames

I got all nostalgic a few weeks ago and downloaded

an Atari 2600 emulator

and the old Activision Skiing game. Then I remembered Ski or Die on the Nintendo NES. Then I was just three old-school games away from a top five list!

1. Activision Skiing for the Atari 2600: The beauty is in its simplicity and the patch you could get for mailing in a Polaroid with your high score. And this TV ad is pretty sweet.

2. Ski or Die for the Nintendo NES: Snowboarding, tubing, snowball fights, and the perpetually stoned Rodney's ski shop.

3. Microsoft SkiFree for the PC:

See 1. Download free



4. U.S. Ski Team for the Intellivision: The cool kids with Intellivisions looked down their noses at us Atari 2600 slobs. But I guess they did have this game with this overlay for the control pad going for them.

5. Slalom for the Nintendo NES: Pole Position on skis.

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