What to Wear Friday: Wendy VanDerMaas

Photos by Taylor Sullivan

Wendy VanDerMaas is celebrating. You see, it’s the second anniversary of her cute-casual-chic boutique, Swank (2405 West 32nd Avenue), so she’s hosting a champagne bash on Saturday, June 30, from 6 to 9 p.m. In honor of the big night, Cat asked her what she would be wearing -- and by extension, the dress code for everyone else.

The only problem? She has so many options, she couldn’t decide on one thing.

For her party, Wendy knew that she would be in her Hudson Jeans because they are so versatile. “I’m definitely a jeans and a sexy top girl, always with high heels.” And the skinny jeans are perfect for her style, either rolled up with flip flops or down with heels. As for her upper half, Wendy was torn between a tank dress from NU Collective, a sheer brown Seven Gate top, or a Deborah Lindquist scarf top.

No matter what, she advises, people should be comfortable while still having style. Kind of like Denver itself.

When she started Swank, Wendy realized that Denver wasn’t as uptight or glamorous as the New York crowd, but also not as experimental or laid back as the LA scene. So she strives to bring the best lines from both worlds into her store to meet Denver’s unique mix of casual but stylish needs and offer pieces that women can wear to a picnic and out shopping or to work then out for cocktails.

Cash in on her good taste by taking 15 percent off the whole store on Saturday, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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Amy Haimerl