Our Ten Weirdest "Ask a Stoner" Questions of 2018

Our Ten Weirdest "Ask a Stoner" Questions of 2018
If we got a dollar for every time we've been asked a sane question about cannabis, we'd be one broke outfit. But crazy and interesting tend to go together, as is the case for most of our Ask a Stoner readers, who never fail to bring up queries that stray into interesting issues, such as whether you can use a dishwasher to clean a bong, if you should call off work on 4/20, or whether there is any truth to conspiracy theories about CBD oil and dick cancer.

Here are ten of our weirdest questions from 2018 (click on the link to read our answer). May next year's crop be even weirder.

What's Different Between My CBD Oil and My Dog's?
Dear Stoner:
What’s the difference between the CBD oil I take and the CBD oil I give my dog? Can I just take his when I’m running low?

Can I Sell Edibles Out of My Food Truck?
Dear Stoner:
Can I sell edibles out of my food truck? I promise I wouldn’t eat and drive.

Can I Use My Dishwasher to Clean My Bong?
Dear Stoner:
I’ve got a handful of bongs, pipes and bubblers that have gotten pretty dirty. Can I just throw them in the dishwasher? Cleaning takes so much time and water.

Do Any Denver Churches Accept Pot Smokers?
Dear Stoner:
Do any churches in Denver accept pot smokers or allow marijuana use?
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