Best Marijuana Strains for a Valentine's Date Night
Veritas Fine Cannabis

Best Marijuana Strains for a Valentine's Date Night

Veritas is feeling the love this Valentine's Day — and it wants you to, too. Veritas Fine Cannabis has a few strains that it suggests will help make your evening a memorable one. "Cannabis is something that, in an intimate environment, is going to make it better," says Jon Spadafora, a sales and marketing representative for Veritas.

Although strains can affect people in different ways, sativas are generally going to provide increased energy and focus, while indicas will calm the mood like a nice merlot.

"When people are experiencing a sativa high, they're going to be able to focus on the details. They're probably going to be a little more experimental, and if the goal is to make sure your partner is going to have a great time, to home in on specific movements or feelings or experiences is key to that," Spadafora says. "They also pair well with different types of food. They're sweet; the smell is not off-putting."

And if you're looking for what the company refers to as "take-the-pants-off strains," Veritas suggests Sueno, the most euphoric strain; Strawberry Cough for its uplifting impact and body relaxation; and Cherry Diesel, perfect for mood and energy elevation.

"On Valentine's Day, it's time to show the person in your life attention and treat them to a great experience, whether that's dinner or a little something different in the bedroom," says Spadafora. "We think these strains will lend themselves to that focus that you want to have on Valentine's Day."

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