Colorado's Six Best Solventless Cannabis Extractors

The refinement of cannabis rosin has improved greatly since commercial legalization.
The refinement of cannabis rosin has improved greatly since commercial legalization. Jacqueline Collins
click to enlarge The refinement of cannabis rosin has improved greatly since commercial legalization. - JACQUELINE COLLINS
The refinement of cannabis rosin has improved greatly since commercial legalization.
Jacqueline Collins
Solventless concentrate brands have taken over the tastebuds of cannabis connoisseurs, giving users a direct reflection of the growth cycle and quality of the plants used for extraction. If the smell and taste make your body feel incredible, then that’s probably how the plant’s life was: incredible.

The extraction process, a combination of water, heat and pressure, never secludes the plant’s alchemy to only THC content, making solventless the most flavorful form of concentrate. So what brands should you look for first in a dispensary? Here are six of our favorites (we shot for five, but these six extractors were too good not to recognize).

Single Source
If you have been smoking solventless hash in Colorado prior to 2015 and also love to fish, you may have heard of Single Source. Led by the rosin angler Kennn Wall, Single Source delivers a quality of solventless concentrate that is pure from the start. With the recent jump into recreational sales, this hash can now get to more cannabis connoisseurs, no medical card necessary. Banana OG or anything crossed with that strain is a favorite I look out for — and don’t be afraid to spend a bit more for a gram of Single Source's Headstash, a healthily refined opportunity to experience the true flavor of whatever the name is on the container. Wall is one of the few extractors willing to teach the trade of hash in person, and has made countless videos on social media detailing the depth to the art of being a transparent hash lover.

Soiku Bano
When I first saw Soiku Bano, the brand was releasing five-star hash in live-head consistency, with the inside of the gram container looking like wet beach sand. I do love this consistency, but if not left cold the integrity can degrade at a quick rate. Within the last year, Soiku has released rosin badder, pre-rolls and vape cartridges, but it’s the rosin that brings me back. Soiku’s Tropicana Cookies rosin was one of the tastiest citrus dabs I've tried since Orange Soda from Incredibles. The brand’s vape cartridges utilize an all-ceramic build, which is modern for Colorado’s cannabis industry. This team puts love into any flower that enters their lab, and I always want to be a part of new releases.

A Swedish word for “authentic” and “genuine," Äkta holds those values as an extraction brand. New to Colorado, Äkta is paving multiple lanes with the release of its rosin badder, vape cartridges and gummies, with a sister company, Hava Gardens, which cultivates flower grown in live soil. Äkta’s first release of rosin badder that I got ahold of were Take & Bake and Gravy Train; both had a funk to them I could not get enough of. Having a solventless gummy option currently puts them on a status with a handful of other brands in the Colorado market, as well.

An extension to the longtime Colorado cannabis brand Verde Natural, this hash is hard to beat. With the roots being spread in both Colorado and California, Dablogic pursues that gas, baby. Verde Natural has held a high standard for quality by growing its cannabis in living soil, a method only taken on by a few brands on a commercial scale. There are a handful of fine options, but the GMO and Hazelnut Cream are the first strains to ask for. Leave the fruit flavors to the other companies; you only need to think about gas with Dablogic.

Mountain Select
After one my preferred dispensaries started carrying Mountain Select, I was curious. The extraction company produces quality rosin in live, badder and sauce consistencies, along with water hash and solventless vape cartridges. Mountain Select brings new strains with every drop, so expect a new experience each time.

This was the first solventless brand I sold when I worked in a dispensary. Leiffa’s slogan is “More hash, less hassle,” and I couldn’t agree more. This brand provides solventless concentrates in multiple consistencies to dispensaries around Colorado, but if you happen to visit the mothership store in Lakewood, you’ll find special collaborations that can’t be sniffed out anywhere else. If you enjoy sativa cannabis strains, this is a great brand to look at. Being a big fan of GMO, Tropsanto is what I look for when buying Leiffa.

Editor's note: The author of this article previously worked for Dablogic.
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