Ask a Stoner: Has Colorado Weed Been Taken Over by Outsiders?

Ask a Stoner: Has Colorado Weed Been Taken Over by Outsiders?
Dear Stoner: Have we officially been taken over by faceless, out-of-state corporations? All of the big dispensaries — the Green Solution, Green Dragon, LivWell — are owned by other people now.

Dear Eldo: Yeah, a lot of money from California, New York and Canada is buying up Colorado’s marijuana space, but did you ever really know who owned the dispensaries those out-of-staters are buying? And the big marijuana businesses that put faces to names never say or do anything that comes across as authentic anyway.
click to enlarge The Green Solution cultivates all of its flower. - SCOTT LENTZ
The Green Solution cultivates all of its flower.
Scott Lentz
Most of the bigger operations that have been acquired (or agreed to be acquired) by public companies and private ownership groups weren’t exactly beloved by regular cannabis users. These chains serve tourists and casual users, and that’s not going to change if a multi-state operator based in California takes over. Sure, we’d all prefer that our big industry players stay based in Colorado, but buyouts and acquisitions were always part of the play here. Cha-ching.

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