Ask a Stoner: Cookies Strains Are Everywhere

Ask a Stoner: Cookies Strains Are Everywhere
Dear Stoner: With so many Cookies options, which should I choose?
Num Num

Dear Num Num: It’s nearly impossible to avoid a strain carrying some version of Cookies genetics at dispensaries nowadays, and breeders do a damn good job of giving them appealing names. Who wouldn’t want to try a strain claiming to taste like Birthday Cake, Cookies and Cream, Thin Mints, Gelato, Key Lime Pie or Scooby Snacks? (If it’s good enough for Shaggy, it’s good enough for us.) Those cuts and derivatives of Girl Scout Cookies usually end up packing a stiff THC punch and sweet, earthy flavor notes — but they soon start tasting the same and creating similar sensations.
A Moroccan-influenced hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies at Herbs4You. - KENZIE BRUCE
A Moroccan-influenced hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies at Herbs4You.
Kenzie Bruce
My advice? Pick a couple of favorites and stick with them. Mine will always be the original Girl Scout Cookies: The mind-bending high takes me back to my early years, and the sour, doughy flavor is still a welcome spin on the earthy OGs of the mid-2000s.

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