L'Eagle Dispensary Owner Launches New CBD Brand

Lisa Richards (left) and Amy Andrle have been working together in the CBD space since 2018.
Lisa Richards (left) and Amy Andrle have been working together in the CBD space since 2018. Courtesy of BISA
The co-founder of a well-known Denver dispensary has launched a new CBD line.

Amy Andrle, co-founder of L'Eagle dispensary, and longtime yoga teacher Lisa Richards started a journey into the hemp-derived CBD world in 2018 through L'eela, a CBD wellness and skincare brand. However, the duo experienced what they call "the great pause” in early 2020, becoming home-school teachers for their children while managing their other interests.

Andrle and Richards relaunched their CBD business January 5, but have chosen a new name: BISA. The moniker (short for bisabuela, which translates to "great grandmother" in Spanish) was the nickname of Andrle's grandmother, a Cuban immigrant who immigrated to the United States in 1961 and passed away three years ago.

“Coming from Cuba in 1961 and fleeing with her children, she really had to take a risk. She had to follow her gut. She had to start fresh and start over," Andrle says of her grandmother.

The new starburst-type logo for BISA is modeled after the seven-pointed sun, representing the third manipura chakra, a traditional Hindu energy point that's related to the power of transformation and following one's gut instincts.
click to enlarge BISA's line of products currently includes oils, creams, rubs and sleepy-time gummies. - COURTESY OF BISA
BISA's line of products currently includes oils, creams, rubs and sleepy-time gummies.
Courtesy of BISA
The brand is new, but BISA's origins remain the same. When Richards went through her second pregnancy, she found herself dealing with new allergies she'd never experienced before, according to Andrle. With that, Richards took the initiative of studying different ingredients, stripping down anything and everything that was put in or on her body.

“If it can work with her sensitivities, then we feel comfortable that it’s going to work with others. We tried to make it serve as many as possible, in as many ways as possible," Andrle says of BISA's CBD products.

That 2020 roadblock ultimately worked out to their benefit, according to Andrle. Towards the end of 2021, the two women started talking about how to kickstart the brand once again, leading to their decision to rename and find a new hemp extraction partner in EVG Extracts. Andrle says the partnership was solidified by EVG's on-site hemp farm and efficient deployment of the "entourage effect" of cannabinoids, terpenes and other plant compounds.

“Working in the cannabis space, we have so much exposure to the benefits of this plant overall. And looking at hemp and how CBD was not regulated in the same way, and how much potential it had as an ingredient, both internally, but also topically," Andrle explains. “As the research continues to support the efficacy of [CBD], normalization will happen and you will see it in more places, and as an ingredient used more often because the risk goes down.”

BISA currently sells CBD oils, creams, rubs and sleepy-time gummies online, and plans to release face, skin and eye creams in the near future.
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