Best Marijuana, Hemp and CBD Holiday Gifts in 2020

Seed & Smith's concentrate flight box would be a welcome gift for a stoner spending Christmas solo.
Seed & Smith's concentrate flight box would be a welcome gift for a stoner spending Christmas solo. Courtesy of Seed & Smith
Still haven't finished your gift shopping? Maybe it's time to follow your nose.

Marijuana and hemp companies have something for just about everyone these days, from the family stoner to an old-school grandparent. We've spent the past year trying out a wide range of cannabis items, and now have selected ten of our favorite CBD and THC products, edibles, smoking accessories and more. (Fair warning: While anything on the list with THC must be bought at a dispensary, most of these can be purchased online.)

Here are ten gifts guaranteed to brighten the holidays:

Moose Labs MouthPeace
Let's not pretend this isn't a COVID-laced Christmas. For the safety of your favorite stoners and your own peace of mind, it's probably time to get them a smoking mouthpiece. Moose Labs' glass and pre-roll attachments, as well as washable silicone mouthpieces for marijuana users, will protect people from germs who don't always remember to protect themselves. And when marijuana hospitality businesses increase after the pandemic ends, these mouthpieces will continue to come in handy.

Seed & Smith Concentrate Flight Box
Yes, stoners love gift bags and holiday baskets, too. Unfortunately, curating such a box with actual weed can be difficult — pesky laws and regulations — but Denver dispensary Seed & Smith's concentrate flight box is a beautiful prototype for Mile High cannabis users. For $100, you'll get two grams of sugar wax, two grams of live resin, a nectar collector and light Seed & Smith swag (add a PuffCo pen for $55 more), all placed inside a holiday gift box. For stoners unable to see family because of the pandemic, a box of tasty hash might help them get their jollies off.

Keith Haring Pipes
Know a stoner who really fucks with the ’80s? Or maybe they just love the cover of A Very Special Christmas? Either way, hook your favorite middle-aged toker up with some Keith Haring glass. The collection includes a glass bubble, one-hitter, dab rig, spoon pipe, rolling tray and catch-alls, and each tastefully features Haring's work. For officially licensed pieces, they're surprisingly affordable, and almost all of them come in different color options.

click to enlarge Let your skin (or beard) glisten with CBD after adding Eossi to your beauty regimen. - THOMAS MITCHELL
Let your skin (or beard) glisten with CBD after adding Eossi to your beauty regimen.
Thomas Mitchell
CBD Facial Oil
Joint flare-ups and anxiety aren't the only things CBD is used for. Skin care is another way to take advantage of the cannabinoid, but most CBD cosmetics carry a steep price tag. At $50, we're not going to call Eossi's CBD Facial Glow Oil cheap, but the bottle is definitely bigger and more affordable than the shit you'll find at Neiman Marcus. Made with an argan oil base along with grapeseed oil, vitamin E, rosehip and CBD oil, Eossi's application doesn't end at the skin. My beard is currently thick, lustrous and gleaming, like a Maximus Decimus Meridius.

Wyld Gummies

That's Wyld with a "y," not an "i." Relatively new to Colorado after starting out in Oregon and exploding in California, Wyld's fruit gummies are just a little fruitier than the others we tried this year, and they don't depend on a two-inch layer of sugar to mask that hashy aftertaste. Although I'm still skeptical about edibles marketed with terms like "indica" or "sativa," that doesn't negate how delicious and euphoric Wyld gummies are. And whether CBN or CBD makes me sleepier, I'll gladly pay $5 to $8 more for an extra 100 milligrams of cannabinoids. My favorite flavors so far are huckleberry and raspberry, but you can't go wrong with the other five (elderberry, marionberry, peach, pomegranate and strawberry). If you can't make it to a dispensary, you can buy Wyld's hemp-derived CBD gummies, along with CBD sparkling water, online.

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