Ask a Stoner: Flying With Anxiety

Dear Stoner: I have a shit-ton of anxiety issues, including panic attacks, and have to get on a plane for six-plus hours soon. I'm a heavy THC vaper in order to deal with my anxiety (every couple hours), but what do I do when I fly?

Dear Elizabeth: I highly recommend you seek out a doctor to learn more about potential prescription options or exercises that help treat anxiety before heeding my advice, but since you asked...

Edibles are the obvious choice for anyone looking to medicate or get high on the airplane. They can last most of the flight if you time it right (best to ingest a little over an hour before boarding, but start earlier if you have heavy anxiety during takeoff), and are easy (albeit illegal) to stow in your luggage.

Vaporizers are easy to travel with, too, and don’t smell like smoking would — but the threat of getting kicked off a plane for vaping would cause more anxiety than any aid the THC brings. Rip that puppy fast in the airport smoking section (if there is one), outside on the curb or in an unoccupied bathroom, then eat your edibles shortly after. If you can’t buy edibles where you live, follow some of our quick and easy recipes.

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