Ask a Stoner: Can I Smoke Daily at Sixty?

Ask a Stoner: Can I Smoke Daily at Sixty?
Dear Stoner: Is it bad for a sixty-year-old stoner like myself to smoke weed many times a day, every day? I have been smoking weed since 1970.
Georgia Bill
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Brandon Marshall
Dear Bill: You tell me. If you’ve been smoking weed for almost fifty years, how do you feel now? Is your mind still spry? Are your lungs heavy? Is your diet and sleeping schedule still relatively normal? If you feel fine, keep on tokin’ — and maybe visit the doctor for a checkup, just to be sure.

Smoking anything is bad for your lungs, and there’s no way around that; vaping and edibles are healthier alternatives. Studies have also shown that THC can affect short-term memory and recollecting experiences while high, but at your age, I doubt much is expected of Grandpa Bill’s memory. And who are these young snot-nosed shits to tell you what to do? Children were born to block the wind while you roast that bone.

So roast it, Bill.

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