If you're not wearing nails, then you're not doing drag.
If you're not wearing nails, then you're not doing drag.
Magnus Hastings / Courtesy PEG Records

A Storm's Brewing: Alaska Thunderfuck Croons About Makeup and, Um, Anuses

Fans of Emmy Award-winning reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race know all too well the legend of drag oddity Alaska Thunderfuck. Her bizarre take on the classic art form charmed audiences as she broke all the rules. Well, buckle up, Denver. Thunderfuck is coming back to town this Saturday with a batch of songs and a live band, and it’s going to be a bumpy night.

Thunderfuck is no stranger to Colorado. This beautiful creature, who seems flung from outer space – and was crowned last year as the winner of Season Two of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars – has appeared umpteen times in the Mile High City on the drag stages of Tracks and Charlie’s and scratched her impossibly long nails on the boards of the Ogden and the Paramount, too. But this latest return finds her hitting the Oriental Theater for a ninety-minute concert, complete with live singing and a band ready to help this being break the shackles of traditional drag lip-synching and continue to soar toward rock stardom.

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A fan favorite since season five of Drag Race, where she climbed to the top three, Thunderfuck hit her stride with All-Stars, proving her chops and showing that her creativity, nerve and talent (coupled with an occasional well-placed hissy fit) was at full power. She came out on top and ready to shake up her drag career.

No stranger to live music, Thunderfuck has released two original best-selling albums, 2013’s Anus and 2016’s Poundcake. She even enlisted Denver filmmakers with Geek Myth Productions to direct the videos for “Hieee”, “Nails” and “The T,” which all quickly became fan favorites and added to Thunderfuck’s iconic mystique.

For her Poundcake World Tour, Thunderfuck has chosen the Queen City of the Plains as her only U.S. date for the massive rock show, complete with members of Blondie in her live band. Legendary drag pioneer Jackie Beat – an accomplished singer, writer and comedian herself – will serve as opening act, hustling to throw people off-kilter enough to take a trip to Thunderfuck’s black hole of entertainment.

On a separate ticket, Drag Race season seven alum Pearl will DJ an after-party.

As the scope of drag changes daily and Drag Race reaches its largest audience yet by picking up and moving stakes to VH1, Alaska Thunderfuck promises to keep drag weird and keep our ears bopping – and possibly bleeding – as she sings about her hair, your terrible makeup, and, yes, anuses.

Alaska Thunderfuck’s Poundcake World Tour, 8 p.m. Saturday, May 20, the Oriental Theater, $32-$50, 720-420-0030. After-Party with DJ Pearl, $15.

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