BoomBox Blows Up: Electronic Duo to Part Ways in 2017

On November 17, electronic duo BoomBox made a major announcement on Facebook, and suddenly its upcoming New Year's Eve shows at the Gothic Theatre on December 29, 30 and 31 became that much more significant.

“To all of our friends, family and supporters, BoomBox and Russ Randolph will be parting ways," the announcement read. "The amicable separation is in no way a dissolution but rather the opening of a new chapter for BoomBox moving forward. Russ Randolph’s last show with BoomBox will be in Denver, Colorado at The Gothic Theatre on December 31st, 2016."

Following the New Year’s Eve appearance, the post explains, Randolph will pursue a solo DJ career as well as continue his studio work and production of other bands in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Lead guitarist and singer Zion Godchaux will continue on with the band under the name BoomBox, to ensure that its sound remains rooted as it evolves in the future.

Godchaux made another Facebook post on November 18 to reassure fans that in addition to being lead singer and guitarist, he has written lyrics for the band and done production for the bulk of the group's popular tracks. Fans' reactions were mostly positive, and commenters expressed understanding for the need to grow and change; BoomBox also addressed those who may be concerned. The post clarified that while Randolph is leaving the group, BoomBox will continue, and fans will still hear their favorite songs at future shows. BoomBox also asked fans to stay tuned for winter 2017 tour date announcements, as well as new music to be released soon.

After the three-night run at the Gothic, Godchaux will be joined by Heath Bennett, who has already been involved in collaboration for new BoomBox music for both live shows and releases. In his follow-up post, Godchaux expressed care for BoomBox fans receiving news of this change. “You’ll still be hearing the songs that you’ve come to know and love at the shows, along with many more in the not too distant future… I’m not wanting to make a big deal here, I just love you all and want you to know it’s gonna be ok.”

Russ Randolph’s final shows with BoomBox will be at the Gothic Theatre on December 29, 30 and 31.
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