Coastless Creatives Showing Strength of Local Musicians With Solstice Event

Chandra DeSantis sold out Lost Lake Lounge last month.
Chandra DeSantis sold out Lost Lake Lounge last month. Courtesy Chandra DeSantis
The music collective Coastless Creatives has been making waves in the Denver music scene since it formed in early 2021 to support local bands by hosting concerts at venues across the city. Its latest event, Solstice, at Larimer Lounge on Thursday, July 21, will showcase four Denver acts: the Faceless Ones, Rocky Burning, Dog Tags and headliner Chandra DeSantis, who sold out Lost Lake last month.

The event hopes to shine a light on some of the city's new acts, and Coastless Creatives has snagged its biggest sponsorship yet with Cheba Hut. Each band will bring a unique sound to the stage, with genres including indie pop, rock, neo-soul and folk-pop. Coastless Creatives founder Alex Creighton says he chooses artists based on their “quality of music and ability to push tickets."

For Chandra DeSantis, it will be her debut night as a headliner and performer on the Larimer Lounge stage. “This is my first year releasing music [and] being in the music industry at all, and the response has been amazing," DeSantis says. She has spent the last few months going to local bands' performances and meeting others in the industry.

Creighton says that local musicians are often confined to mid-week gigs so that bigger touring names can take on the more populated weekend concerts. He hopes that the Thursday Solstice event will bring out a crowd of dedicated local music lovers to prove the strength of Denver bands' followings.

To gain a following, months can bleed into years, Creighton says. “We try and cut that time down. It doesn't take as long if everyone in the scene is on the same page," he explains.  A key focus of the collective is to cooperate with other local artists and promote each others' shows. The group believes that having a unified community will be integral to "setting Denver's music scene on the map, with the rest of the big cities," Creighton says.

To make a concert collective effective, there has to be more than just ticket sales, he notes. Coastless Creatives recognizes it has to build credibility within both band and booking circles, and that's why events like Solstice are so important: They demonstrate what DIY collectives and local musicians are capable of.

And Coastless Creatives will continue to show its capabilities. The group has shows booked through mid-November and is striving to book more every week.

Coastless Creatives: Solstice, Thursday, July 21, Larimer Lounge, 2721 Larimer Street, 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $18.
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