Debajo del Agua teams up with social-justice organizations for a night of music and solidarity

Seven-piece Latin instrumental ensemble Debajo del Agua will be playing a show honoring the union between music and revolutionary movements at the Mercury Cafe on Friday, December 30. A collaboration with social-justice organizations like Guerilla Gardens, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition and Cafe Cultura, the get-down is designed to celebrate solidarity through music.

In addition to Debajo del Agua, there will be featured performances from Basheba Earth, which is featured on the band's track "Tic Toc," as well as Tito del Barrio Malaga and Afro-Caribe.

Debajo del Agua's Pable Kee says the event's purpose is to honor activists, artists and other people working toward a more just world. "Whether that be through food justice, fighting for immigrant rights, through spoken word or poetry, the organizations that we invited all have some of those different elements," Kee says. "They have the elements of celebrating our multicultural society, and the celebration of differences within our multicultural society."

Kee says the revolutionary movements over the course of the year in Chile and Puerto Rico are a driving force behind the need to come together in solidarity -- in this case, using music as the common thread.

"These organizations are friends of ours, and we felt it was necessary to unite with them," Kee says. In the midst of the struggles that have happened in 2011, from the protests in Chile and Puerto Rico to the revolutions in North Africa, the whole world is really on this fighting for real change tip, not just some bullshit change. We wanted to bring together folks, especially from our Latino community, and stand in solidarity with them because they are doing great work."

Tic Toc Live at the Walnut Room ft. Basheba Earth by Debajo del Agua

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