Elijah Wood's Wooden Wisdom Deejays Club Vinyl

While Elijah Wood has acted in a slew of films — as Frodo in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, or as that little creep in Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind and that other creep in Everything is Illuminated — he's also a music fan with a deep affinity for vinyl. Wood will team up with DJ and producer Zach Cowie (aka Turquoise Wisdom) on Saturday, January 9, at Club Vinyl to spin records as their duo Wooden Wisdom. 

When Wood was episode 726 of the Nerdist Podcast in September he talked about how he travels with a UDG roller bag with about sixty LPs and a box of 45s. He said loves playing 45s since they were mastered hotter for the radio and how they kind of hit a littler harder than albums. Wood also mentioned that the first tape he bought when he was a kid was The Best of the Monkees, and in his early teens his brother, who's seven years older, turned him to Prince, the Cure, the Smiths and other English bands. 

Wooden Wisdom usually spins a mix of disco and dance music from the '70s and '80s, Wood said on the podcast, and also mentioned that they spun some nerd records, like the "Ewok Celebration" ("Nub Yub" or "Yub Nub" from Return of the Jedi) at a Mashable party at Comic-Con International in San Diego last July. 

A decade ago, Wood founded Simian Records, which released New Magnetic Wonder, the 2007 album by Denver's Apples in Stereo. And from the looks of the following video it seems like Wood also was digging Itchy-O when the act performed at the Stanley Film Festival last May. 

Wooden Wisdom flies under the radar with limited public presence and no official tour—just a handful of dates, including this show at Vinyl. Tickets are $15 using typical payment methods, not via trade for the One Ring. If you do check out Wooden Wisdom this weekend, make sure to brush up on the right moves — such as "The Puppet Master," demonstrated by Wood himself, which is unequivocally, the creepiest Dancey-Dance ever to appear on Yo Gabba Gabba

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.