Happy 303 Day, Denver: Where To Rock Out With Your Tacos Out

It’s a stretch – to celebrate March 3 as Colorado Pride Day because 303 is the dialing code in parts of the state, but what the hell. We don’t need much of an excuse to party around here while displaying your inner, or outer, C with pride.

If you happen to wander into one of Denver area’s Illegal Pete’s locations wearing Colorado gear, you’ll be privy to food and drink specials including free coffee and, wait for it, $3.03 New Belgian draft beers and $3.03 Laws Whiskey. In addition, there will be bands, comedians and even podcasts taped live for your entertainment.

At the Fort Collins venue (320 Walnut Street, Fort Collins), entertainment will be provided by the Professor Fox Band, comedy by David Rodriguez, all hosted by the podcast Beer and Banter hour.

At Illegal Pete’s on the Hill (1124 13th Street, Boulder), we get Steamboat Revival and comedian Alam Bromwell.

At the LoDo location (1530 15th Street, #101, Denver), there’s indie hip-hop duo OptycNerd, comedian Aaron Urist, hosted by the podcast Welcome to Rock Island. [Full disclosure: Rock Island hosts Bree Davies and Isa Jones are regular contributors to Westword Music.]

On South Broadway (270 South Broadway, Denver), music is provided by Rootbeer & Mermentau, comedy by Bobby Crane, hosted by the These Things Matter podcast.

At the DU location (1744 East Evans Avenue, Denver), music is by 93.3 Hometown for the Holidays winner 888, comedy by Nathan Lundt, hosted by the Welcome to Denver podcast.

At DTC (5312 DTC Boulevard, #400, Englewood), music comes from Chris Dismuke, comedy from Timmi Lasley, hosted by the Narrators podcast.

Finally, at the Pearl Street - Boulder (1447 Pearl Street, Boulder) venue, music comes from Inna Di Red, comedy by Hippie Man, hosted by the Ice Cream Social podcast.

All of the entertainment starts at 9 p.m., and admission is free.

One of Illegal Pete’s partners for the events, 93.3, got into the spirit by releasing a series of videos featuring Colorado people behaving very Colorado-ish. Preston’s favorite thing about Colorado, for example, “has to be Red Rocks and having a good time.”

And in case you needed a reminder of what makes Colorado so awesome, check out this “Happy 303 Day” video courtesy of Built on Colorado.

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