Meet a Westword Music Showcase Band: Hydraform

Progressive hard-rock band Hydraform.
Progressive hard-rock band Hydraform. Stephanie Raye Barber
Every year, the Westword Music Showcase brings some of the city's best acts to venues throughout the Golden Triangle neighborhood. To find out more about some of the acts that will be performing at the Showcase on Saturday, June 23, we sent them a questionnaire that includes questions about the local music scene.

Here's what Hydraform had to say:

Westword: What do you want readers to know about your music?

Hydraform: We're a progressive hard-rock quartet formed in 2013. Multiple people have described our music as a combination of Lamb of God, Tool, and whatever band is on their T-shirt. Whenever we play with rock bands, we're the heaviest, and whenever we play with metalheads, we're the softest. We like groove, dynamics, and people who will stand in the front row at a show when nobody else will.

How has Denver influenced your sound?

The variety and amount of music in Denver is insane. We try to go to as many shows, both local and national touring, as possible to gain ideas and perspective on our own music.

What are the biggest issues Denver musicians face in 2018 — good and bad?

The biggest issue is both good AND bad: It's the abundance of information. How do musicians stand out? There's so much music that it's impossible for a listener to find you unless you're doing something truly unique.

If you could change anything about Denver's music scene, what would it be?

The only way to change the scene is to contribute to the scene, and that's the only way we want to change it!

What has you most excited about playing the 2018 Westword Music Showcase?

Getting to check out the other local acts!

Hydraform will perform at the Westword Music Showcase at 1:35 p.m. Saturday, June 23, at Bar Standard, 1037 Broadway. Get more information and tickets at
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Ben Wiese is a writer in Denver. He covers music for Westword.
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