Is Lez Zeppelin's appeal limited to men?

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You have to hand it to Lez Zeppelin -- they have an awesome gimmick to go along with their awesome name. This is a long-running four-piece band whose website tagline reads "All Girls. All Zeppelin." They made headlines worldwide in 2008 after media outlets began erroneously reporting that LED Zeppelin was playing Bonnaroo. Lez Zeppelin benefited from the mistake, and played before 20,000 people on the fest's opening night. This is a cover band, mind you.

Lez Zeppelin is playing a far more intimate venue this week, headlining at the Bluebird -- or it was -- the show has now been rescheduled to Friday, September 5. The whole concept behind Lez Zeppelin had us wondering: what do lesbians think of Lez Zeppelin? We asked our friends Megan, Kim and Serena. Here's what they had to say.

Westword: Which one of the musicians is hottest, and why?

Serena: The guitarist -- She's clearly mastered Jimmy Page's styling while bringing something to the table something that is completely her own. That, matched with her subtle confidence, is incredibly engaging and, invariably hot. Granted I have only seen YouTube videos -- I can't even imagine how electrifying this must be in person.

Megan: Definitely the guitar player. She's got a sophisticated charm that would make me terrified of her if I met her in person.

Kim: Lead guitar. Not my type, but I like her style.

What's your first impression of the band?

Megan: They're amazing! The videos I watched on YouTube are from 2007 so it encompasses all the bad fashion captured in the hit show The L Word. If I took my glasses off, I might think I was actually watching Bette, Tina, Alice and Shane.

Kim: Clever name. Maybe I need to be there.

Do you think you'd enjoy getting drunk at a laundromat with these ladies? Why or why not?

Serena: Absolutely. Forget the laundromat though -- I'd rather drink Jameson, shoot pool and pick up ladies with this crew (imagine a place like The Dew Drop Inn out in Black Mountain, NC.) Laundry can wait. (P.S. I think we'd have a lot of fun loading up a jukebox with a fist full of dollars and playing musical tennis with these ladies as well.)

Kim: Definitely the drummer. Probably the lead guitarist. Not sure about the other two.

How could the band improve on their performance?

Serena: Live human and/or animal sacrifices. (I'm kidding people.)

Kim: More soul, less trying to be sexy for the cowboys.

What do you think their pets' names are?

Kim: Obviously Plant, Page, John Paul and John Bonham. Maybe Tangerine and California too. Or maybe Billy Idol. Who knows, really?

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