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Old Man Saxon Goes Vintage on "Oh, You Ain't Know?"

Old Man Saxon became a favorite of the judges and fans on Rhythm + Flow.
Old Man Saxon became a favorite of the judges and fans on Rhythm + Flow.
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Denver native and rapper Saxon Kincy, better known as Old Man Saxon, made waves last fall as one of two contestants from Colorado on the Netflix hip-hop competition show Rhythm + Flow. With his signature three-piece suit, charismatic stage presence and witty lyricism, he quickly became a favorite with the audience, the judges and his fellow contestants.

After he was eliminated in episode six's battle round by D Smoke (who went on to win the competition), the judges called in a legal team in an attempt to keep both contestants on the show. Sadly, they were unable to save Kincy, but that hasn't slowed him down one bit. He continued to charm his newfound fan base by releasing The Peacock Honey right after the show ended in December, and he just released a music video for "Oh, You Ain't Know?," one of the album's ten tracks.

Since he didn't win the Rhythm + Flow $250,000 prize, Kincy and director Anthony Yano Hays had to get creative with making a music video on a budget. Recognizing that a fully produced video was out of reach, they decided to do a live performance video instead, and picked "Oh, You Ain't Know?" because it was Kincy's favorite song to perform.

Coincidentally, when planning out the video, Kincy had just received a shoebox full of childhood tapes from his mother. The VHS tapes inspired the direction of the video: "We have these really rare VHS videos; let's film a performance on VHS and give the illusion that it's taped over a bunch of my childhood videos," he explains.

Filming the performance on VHS both cut costs and gave the whole video a consistently vintage feel. The performance footage, filmed at El Cid in Los Angeles, is bookended by clips of Kincy as a toddler (recognizably dapper in dress), honing his performance skills at a piano recital.

With the visual contrast between baby Saxon and Old Man Saxon, as well as the shift from Old Man Saxon on stage to Saxon Kincy off stage, the video plays with ideas of growth, progress, performance and persona.

To show that Old Man Saxon's success hasn't gone to his head, Kincy includes a short intermission in "Oh, You Ain't Know?" It's a video of him shirtless in his bedroom, practicing some "sexy" new dance moves. (Truly, you have to see this for yourself.)

"I did it to make fun of myself, too," he explains. "Like, I'm this cool person on stage, everyone is screaming for me, but in reality I'm also a big fuckin' dork."

His bars may be intimidating, but Old Man Saxon knows how to sprinkle in just enough vulnerability to endear himself to the audience.

"Oh, You Ain't Know?" will most likely be the only music video off of The Peacock Honey, because Kincy has already begun working on his next project, an EP due in late July. He says the upcoming EP is dedicated to the loyal fans who have supported Old Man Saxon since day one.

"The Peacock Honey was a good medium for people who saw the show to listen to my music and get into it, but I think this next album will be more Old Man Saxon before he was on Rhythm + Flow," he says. "Like a very calm, laidback type of album. I want people to know that I'm still the person they fell in love with before the show."

Fans new and old can watch the "Oh, You Ain't Know?" music video on YouTube, and stream or download the track from The Peacock Honey, available on all music platforms.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.