One Band Leads To Another: Local Artists Recommend Covenhoven, Kid Reverie and More

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Colorado is home to more than its fair share of great music. Perhaps no one knows this better than the musicians themselves. With that in mind, we asked one of our favorite Colorado artists which other local artists we should be checking out, and thus began the "One Band Leads to Another" musical scavenger hunt. It works like this: A band recommends a band, then that band recommends a band, and so forth. Follow the thread to discover new Colorado voices, enrich your local listening experience and find out where you can catch these bands performing live this month.

1. Kid Reverie

Kid Reverie self-describes like this: “Sounds like rock, reads like folk, and it can make you dance.” What that means is that frontman Steve Varney — who was recently named one of the ten best guitarists in Denver — writes haunting, intimate musical stories that stand alone easily as starkly arranged folk songs. But Kid Reverie the band plays them as cathartic, loud, full-energy rock that just might leave you feeling a little lighter.

Listen to “Nothing We’ve Seen Before”:

Catch Kid Reverie in concert on Friday, November 4, at Syntax Physic Opera, 554 South Broadway, with Anthony Ruptak, decker. and Red Light Cameras.

2. Covenhoven, recommended by Kid Reverie.

“I’ve listened to Joel’s music since his Carbon Choir days," Kid Reverie says. "He immediately struck me as something unique, and I’ve loved hearing him get more orchestral over the years. He is an amazing musician and composer. His music has always struck me as wonderfully dramatic, but when you add the way he plays with time and lyrics that present vignette after vignette of beauty, I’m hooked and will probably continue to be hooked for a long time.”

Listen to “See You in the Spring”:

Catch Covenhoven on Friday, November 4, at Eisenhower Chapel, 293 Roslyn Street, presented by Swallow Hill, with King Cardinal.

3. in/PLANES, recommended by Covenhoven.

“in/PLANES is a duo made up of self-described 'musical soulmates' Inaiah Lujan and Desirae Garcia from Pueblo, Colorado," says Joel Van Horne of Covenhoven. "They were my favorite act from this year's UMS, with their romantic, vibey throwback sound and such beautifully blended voices supported by minimal guitar/bass/drums loveliness...it was hypnotizing.”

Listen to “Dry Land”:

Catch in/PLANES on Friday, November 25, at the New Belgium Brewery, 500 Linden Street in Fort Collins.

4. Briffaut, recommended by in/PLANES

Inaiah Lujan “I nominate Briffaut, a Colorado Springs-based group and the brainchild of singer-songwriter Daniel James Eaton," says Inaiah Lujan of in/PLANES. "Aside from being one of my favorite songwriters, Dan has been providing amazing musical landscapes and conceptual content through storytelling for some time. I would love to shine a light on his talent and contribution to Colorado music!”

Listen to “Wood & Stoney Oceans”:

Catch Briffaut on Sunday, November 27, at Flux Capacitor, 3530 North Chelton Loop, Colorado Springs.

5. Dear Rabbit, recommended by Briffaut.

“I'd have to say the local act Dear Rabbit," says Daniel James Eaton of Briffaut. "Led by Rence Liam, and usually a solo project but most recently performed as a band, he packs a caring, walloping punch of heartfelt tunes about dogs and things that he likes and is almost constantly touring — something we at Briffaut have yet to really get into and therefore very much admire.”

Listen to “YOU”:

Catch Dear Rabbit on Friday, November 4, at Haus Show in Fort Collins.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.