One Flew West Collaborates With CU Denver for New Video

When Denver band One Flew West set out to make the music video for the single “Had It All” (which debuted this week), the band got help from an unexpected place: students at the University of Colorado Denver.

The Cam Records course is a requirement of the music business program at CU Denver. In this class, students get hands-on experience working closely with a local band. Led by Andy “Rok” Guerrero (of Flobots and Andy Rok and The Real Deal), this semester's students worked with One Flew West, which culminated in the music-video production and release.

George Kotelnikov of Perplexity Pictures, the organization that produced the video, says that working with the students wasn't like kids playing pretend. All of the participants contributed in different ways.

“Some came to the initial production meeting, and a few came to the shoot to help with makeup and costumes,” Kotelnikov says. “We also had students come and be part of the feedback in the post-production process.”

Students watched the video and then responded with any critiques, Kotelnikov says.

“I think we were fortunate in the aspect that we had many perspectives to give us feedback,” says Bryan Smith of Perplexity Pictures. “[Students] were the demographic for this video, so having that feedback available was great.”

Smith and Kotelnikov were so impressed by the students, they even reached out to a few as potential colleagues.

“There was a couple of people we got contact information from to work with in the future,” Kotelnikov says. “We liked their work ethic.”

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The result of the group effort is an homage to '90s sitcoms. The video is both quirky and funny, similar to comedy short “Too Many Cooks,” though arguably less of a terrifying fever dream. It was shot over a weekend in Guerrero’s home, though the set was transformed for the shoot by adding tacky decor. The video even features a cameo from one of Guerrero's many chickens.

One Flew West plays the Marquis Theater on Saturday, January 16, with Rocket Surgeons and Defy You Stars.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.