Remember Bangles? Relive the '80s with Bangles Night at Sangria Lounge featuring XYZ

Bangles is having another reunion. No, not that Bangles, silly. Same era, though. While we're sure it's been long enough for the gals behind "Walk Like an Egyptian" and "Hazy Shade of Winter" to start entertaining the thought of giving it another go for old time's sake, we're actually referring to Bangles, the club.

If you were around back then, then you know the Bangles we're talking about was smack dab in middle of Glendale and was basically Colorado's answer to the Whiskey -- well, in as much as, say, Broadways was to the Troubadour, or Alibi's was to the Roxy, or After the Goldrush was to Gazzarri's, anyway.

After a couple successful get togethers earlier this year put together by Dave Stremel (Valor, VD), the Sangria Lounge (4501 E. Virgina) is hosting another Bangles night, giving the old gang another excuse to pull the spandex out of mothballs for a show on Friday, October 22, with XYZ -- an nationally renown outfit during the '80s featuring local Joey Shapiro -- and the Dark, Lil Dreamer and Bone Circus.

Ah, memories. Hair today, gone tomorrow, eh? Now if only somebody can track down and convince those dudes from Kidd Wicked to get back together. Or how about G-Force or the Original Rabbits?

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Dave Herrera
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