This weekend, Rhino transforms into... a fort?

Something different is going on this weekend at Rhinoceropolis. What that something is, exactly -- well, now, that's a great question. The event posting, which is rather vague, urges us to "come get mad" and then goes on to say: "BRING CANDY, CHOCOLATES, WINE, HOMEMADE GOODIES." Say what?

"I don't know yet." says Colin Ward, co-curator of "A Night of Sound and Vision @ Rhinoceropolis," taking place this Saturday night.

Yeah. Not much help there, eh? Sorry.

Let's see, here's what we've deduced from the twenty-something-minute conversation we had with the Classically-inflected, hyper-happy digital noodler (of Alphabets and Phonebooks -- both collaborations with his friend Stephan Herrera), a couple of choice phrases he uttered of what we can expect tomorrow night:

"Everything from Michael Jackson to bubbles." "Lisa Frank." "Slowed down friends laughing." "Some chocolates." "Pogo stick." "Slumber party." "Flashmob synchronized dance troupe to Mystic Bummer." "Candy Sky." "Stop-frame animation." "Relay race." "A dolphin staring you in the face."

Essentially, A NIGHT OF SOUND AND VISION @ Rhinoceropolis, as the event has been dubbed, began as a last-ditch outlet for Herrera and Ward to screen a collection of home video experiments (originally meant to be edited together into a film, Fantazia 2011). It has since moprhed into a festival of magnanimous proportions -- epic enough to transmogrify the space Rhinoceropolis itself. And that means getting Rhino to break out of the "show" box for a...show.

"It's more than a show," says Ward. "I don't want it to be a bunch of bros hanging out with beer and smoke. Rather than focusing on one band, I think it would be really cool to be in a place that was more like a large jungle environment. We're trying to make it feel like the inside of a fort. I want to be in a rainforest or something."

In other words, you can expect decorations, games, candy hanging from the ceiling, costumes, dancing, wine and simultaneous projections along the walls of every room in the warehouse. And probably a lot more. "We're just trying to throw together a big whirlwind of colors."

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Oh yeah, and some bands are playing. Some good ones: Voices Of, Mystic Bummer, Alphabets, Pythian Whispers, Greencarpetedstairs, and an appearance from the gnarling noise demon Jacob DeRaadt of Sterile Garden, performing Saturday as Abbreviated Glossalia. Each artist/band will set up in different spots throughout the Rhino's many rooms, and the music should find improvised sets bleeding into audio coming out of the many videos being projected throughout the night.

"Chance music will be happening the whole night because of all the video rigs!" -- Ward is getting more excited now. He knows just what is going on at Rhinoceropolis. A night of friends, weirdness, and a large-scale experiment combining two of his favorite things, light and sound. Sounds fun.

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