Tonight: Hollagramz debuts new member at Galactic Leash

Update: See photos from last night: Photos: Hollogramz at Galatic Leash, 2/11/11 Tonight at Real Is a Feeling's party Galactic Leash, local techno/rave-proponent Hollagramz (aka Ron Cole) is debuting a new member to his project and releasing an EP at a rave-to-end-all-raves tonight in a rented warehouse out on the West side of town. Spectral Crush is a four-track work showcasing tunes from the newly-minted Hollagramz, now appearing as a duo.

Cole asked Cory Brown to join the roster shortly after remixing his band Constellations' recent "Savage Orb" single. The two found instant chemistry working together, plowing through the EP's production within the span of a single month's time. "It's the fastest I've ever produced," proclaims Cole about the creative spark the newfound collaboration generated. "There was a while there when I was trying to write new shit for Hollagramz, and it really wasn't going anywhere."

Combining pop, avant-garde, psychedelia and, of course, bass-thumping techno, Spectral Crush soars through a range of tones and moods, skips playfully around tropical rhythms, and echoes with an uncommonly extensive dimensionality. Pulling from UK funky, grime, tech-house and other styles, Hollagramz has reemerged with an intricate and complex edge the two hope will inspire a new sort of rave culture in Denver. Because... you know... dub-step.

"It seems like the only outlet for ravers in Denver is dub-step shows." says Cole. "We want to create a paradigm shift in Denver where people have a rave alternative that is intelligent and mature."

Tonight Galactic Leash, which is being presented by Real Is a Feeling, features Hollagramz, with separate sets from Brown and Cole, as well as DJs Peter Black, Narky Stares, Pictureplane, at 9th and Valejo. Hollagramz is also thrusting Spectral Crush into your hard drives at the rock-bottom price of zero dollars, so click to your hearts content on the link below to snag a copy.

MP3: Hollagramz - Spectral Crush

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